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How Important is it to use a virtual Machine for using Wireshark?

Hey Guys,

First of all, My Name is Paul and I only started using Wireshark today.I learn it from an Instructor in an Online course. I am starting an apprenticeship as an IT-Specialist next month and I wanted to learn Wireshark for a long time now and before I get into my apprenticeship I wanted to learn it (atleast for a bit). The Instructor said it is recommended using an VirtualBox for using Wireshark.Maybe I am really impatient about it and maybe he tells me later about it, But why is it important to use a virtualbox to run Wireshark?I dont really wanna go any further maybe because of damaging anything. I am really grateful for your help and I hope my english was good enough haha. Thanks in Advance and have a great day!

  • Paul