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Find grpc call name in Lua dissector

I am writing a Lua dissector for a specific grpc schema I use.

To see requests/responses for a given call, I register my proto in the grpc dissection table like so:

DissectorTable.get("grpc_message_type"):add("application/grpc,/some.App/Unlock,request", proto) DissectorTable.get("grpc_message_type"):add("application/grpc,/some.App/Unlock,response", proto) DissectorTable.get("grpc_message_type"):add("application/grpc,/some.App/OtherFunc,request", proto) ...

Here /some.App/Unlock is the name of the call, request/response indicate the direction of the message.

In the dissector function, how do I find out which call I am dissecting for?

The grpc dissector does not seem to offer this information in a field.