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pcap: network type 285 unknown or unsupported - Unable to open Marvell DSA tagged pcap file

I try to read a tcpdump capture that contains DSA tagged traffic from a Marvell Switch.

When I try to open the file in Wireshark, I get:

The file "eth0_mwe.pcap" contains record data that Wireshark doesn't support.
(pcap: network type 285 unknown or unsupported)

Do Iassume correctly that Wireshark does not support netwrok type 285, as hinted by this answer?

Still, I'm interested:

  • Is there any plan for support? Didn't find anything in the Development/Roadmap section
  • Is there any cheap work around? For example, it seems to me that one could write a Lua dissector for this, but I only skimmed their docs.

Right now I'm just displaying the packets with tcpdump on the command line, so it's not really a critical issue for me.