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BTLE define custom UUID, Chars, and Handles?

I'm using the Nordic BLE sniffer to go through debugging an applicaiton. The sniffer plugin is kind of garbage, but it works occasionally. When it does I have a lot of entries like this:

1108 54.581954 Slave_0x5xxxxxxx Master_0x5xxxxxx ATT 46 Rcvd Read By Type Response, Attribute List Length: 2, Unknown, Unknown


1100 54.267619 Slave_0x5xxxxxxx Master_0x5xxxxxxx ATT 36 Rcvd Find Information Response, Handle: 0x000d (Generic Attribute Profile: Unknown: Client Characteristic Configuration)

Is there any clear method to list my UUID and characteristics as something other than UNKNOWN? Nordic says this is entirely out of their hands as the dissector is owned by Wireshark, but it seems someone would have to had made a way to define non-official UUIDs and characteristics right?