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Only receiving 802.11 Packets.

Hello, First, Thank you to whomever for your assistance with this issue. My issue is with getting only 802.11 & LLC packets. I have been checking other people's queries, and nobody can really solve it. I'm using Kali Linux, with a up to date Alfa adapter. I have deleted and reinstalled Wireshark, checked all possible options, (edit-->preferences-->protocols-->IEEE 802.11-->Enable decryption---->added my WPA PWD, and WPA PSK. I have also always checked, capture-->options-->enable promiscuous mode on all devices. & finally I am using the Afla adapter 802.11ac AWUS036ACH (b,g,n,AC), & I always use airmon-ng to put the Afla into Monitor Mode.

So, up to now I have used, TCP Dump, T Shark, and Wireshark, with no luck.

P.S. I have never gotten any packets other than, 802.11.