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Wireshark Help - constantly deleted wireshark packets

Hello Community, I am writing you today to ask for your help and expertise. I have someone for a fact remoting into my computer, moving around my mouse, pausing my videos, accessing my camera, closing applications and blackscreening me. I have downloaded and read up on wireshark books about packet analysis and network security to gaini identifying information to provide to the police. I believe I was close to gaining their information when they started attacking wireshark. In the video provided the packet count is to the bottom right. Is thei any scenario where the packet count is constantly resetting back to zero? On Average when I start wireshark for the past year I would start out with thousands of packets maybe 20,000 whenever I begin the packet sniffing, but as ive been studying and trying to get their information since they refuse to stop remotng into my pc my packet count is reseting. Its now just hanging around the 400-500 region unless I do something like download a file. I have a noticably slower internet speed. Netflix and Youtube take a long time to buffer where they usually were instantaneous, even video preview and icons take longer and I am greeted with blackscreens before videos even plays. I need this harrsassment to stop and to provide identifying information to the police. How can I show that someone is reseting my packets in attempts to hide their identity and evade detection on my network. Is their another way to catch this act occuring as I know to remote into isomeones network will leave a trail of communication no matter how they try to hide it.