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Protocol Preferences change on accident

I'm looking at a capture of a web server that connects to a database server, which has a bunch of Malformed Packet:TDS entries. There's lots on line about this issue.

But somewhere along the line I changed a setting in my Wireshark instance and I'm not sure what I did nor how to undo it.

If I right click on the Malformed Packet:TDS and go to Protocol Preferences> I no longer see a list of options, instead the submenu that opens is grayed out with two options: Malformed packet has no preferences Disable malformed packet

But as I mentioned that's just greyed out. I have several profiles and it doesn't appear to be profile specific since it's the same with each. And maybe it's not a default...but at some point I was able to right click >Protocol Preferences> and there was a list of options, like setting the TDS version which I did to 7.4 since the SQL server is 2019, thought that might help me determine why we had these packets.

But this issue isn't even about the TDS packets, I just wanna know what I did to change that menu item :)

Thanks in advance