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How to use the j1939 dissector?

I just compiled version 2.9.0 from GIT on my Debian Stretch AMD64 machine. The problem is, that for the CAN protocol I can't seem to find the SAE j1939 dissector (which was there e.g. in 1.12.1) in 2.9.0 (as well as in 2.2.6 from my distribution). The build process of 2.9.0 completes successfully and also states that packet-j1939.c.o has been compiled. Under Analyze -> Enabled Protocols, J1939 is checked. However I can't seem to find it in the protocol preferences. (How do I enable/force a dissector otherwise?)

What's going wrong here? What can I do to make j1939 dissection work either in 2.9.0 or in 2.2.6?

Thanks a lot!