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WAN NAT port forward retransmission on Reolink camera

Hello all,

I have been working on an issue with some security cameras I have that I can not figure out. I have worked with the vendor to their FTP server with no issues observed. I have traffic coming in from my remote cameras to my firewall that has a NAT port forward setup to an FTP server on my LAN. LAN traffic to the FTP server works fine, but the WAN never seems to get past syn. The camera sends a SYN, and instead of a SYN/ACK I get a TCP retransmission. I am not extremely well versed in Wireshark so I am hoping someone can assist. I have only exported the traffic to the FTP port, and I have already sanitized it. Any ideas? I tried to attach the file, but It would not let me. I have shared it from my Google Drive link text