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tshark http.response_in not working

I have a capture file with a HTTP 1.1 request in frame 536 and the HTTP 200 response in frame 856. Frame 856 is reassembled.
In wireshark 3.6.7 I can filter those two packets by:

http.request_in in{536,856}||http.response_in in{536,856}

or by

http.request_in == 536 || http.response_in == 856

It works fine and i see both packets.

But when I use tshark I only see the response frame 856.

tshark -r tmp.pcap -Y "http.request_in in{536,856} || http.response_in in{536,856}"
tshark -r tmp.pcap -Y "http.request_in == 536 || http.response_in == 856"

when I run:

tshark -r tmp.pcap -Y "http.response_in == 856"

then no frame is shown. Wireshark shows with the same filter the frame 536.

The filter:

"frame.number == 536 || frame.number == 856"

works the same in tshark and wireshark. What am I missing?