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Wireshark Automation To Capture only LDAP & DNS Traffic

Wireshark Automation To capture only LDAP & DNS Traffic into .CAP or another other format

Greetings to all!

I am working in a new project which needs Wireshark capture automation "to collect only LDAP & DNS" traffic in .CAP file or any other Wireshark readable format.

project requirement as follows :

  1. Using scripted method (either dos, powershell etc), execute the script to capture only LDAP & DNS traffic (ip.src & ip.dst) in .cap file.

  2. Script can be executed locally or best if can be trigger from remotely - windows server.

  3. File can be saved on local DC / server or best way to save it on remote server share drive.

Requesting on this forum to share any sample Powershell scripts if its do able.

Please do share ideas how to achieve it.

Thanks a lot on Advance, Suvajit Basu