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Extracting mesh fields from 802.11 QoS control

I'm using wireshark to dissect captured data. The captured data comes as a byte stream.

Wireshark seems to always open up the QoS control field as follows:

      "wlan.qos": "0x00000187",
      "wlan.qos_tree": {
        "wlan.qos.tid": "7",
        "wlan.qos.priority": "7",
        "wlan.qos.eosp": "0",
        "wlan.qos.ack": "0x00000000",
        "wlan.qos.amsdupresent": "1",
        "wlan.qos.ps_buf_state": "0x00000001",
        "wlan.qos.ps_buf_state_tree": {
          "wlan.qos.buf_state_indicated": "0"

However in 802.11 standard, it says that if traffic comes from a mesh station, bits 8-15 are opened differently. How can I tell wireshark that the traffic is coming from a mesh station? should this be a part of my capture file somehow?