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Strange issue with 1 of the clients (pcap included)

Hi! New here, and no idea how I could get some insight on these caps. Brand new to TCP analysing, I think I have an understanding of the basics, but was unable to find what / how it's going wrong here.

Short recap :

We have a server running, with many people connected to it without issues. In comes person X (where we captured these files) which has connection issues. - Sometimes he can connect without issues - Sometimes he cannot connect at all, even when forcing a reconnect - Sometimes he gets disconnected after some time.

We have temporarly fixed the issue by rebooting the server, although we rather didn't reboot. It does show in the after_reboot.pcap that it's back to working so the client can atleast enjoy the connection while we hopefully find the issue.

I've put the pcap (before_reboot and after_reboot) in my googleDrive ->

Hope anyone can help me with this, again sorry if I'm at the wrong spot to ask for help