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Not able to get data on tcp port==9100


I am trying to capture the details of printer port 9100. But there is no details found in that. When we capture specific printer IP address. Problem is when we give the print command for Qty= 2000 labels for printing on printer .Its loss some labels to printing(Some time 800 or some times 500 labels was not able print).Printer is not hang when we check printer is stop for printing. Some times Its printed Qty=1200 .Some times printed 800 labels .So most of the time label is lost to print the labels. We are able to capture IP address but not able to capture the data on port 9100. we try to check which command is trigger on printer and why printer is not able to print all those labels. I am trying first time on Wireshark to capture the data s and may be i did mistake to config in Wireshark .