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Detailed Expert Information for Goose Packet

Hi, my team wants to show detailed expert information for Goose packet (IEC61850). The current wireshark shows:

[Malformed Packet: GOOSE]

  [Expert Info (Error/Malformed): Malformed Packet (Exception occurred)]

    [Malformed Packet (Exception Occurred)]

    [Severity level: Error]

    [Group: Malformed]

We want to show the detailed information for the malformed part, for example:

the numDatSetEntries's length is 0 in our malformed packet. According to the Goose protocol, the length should be 1. We want to show that this packet is malformed because of the "numDatSetEntries" field. And ideally also show the reason for it.

I have struggled a lot reading the code about the asn1 dissector, any hint for doing this, or is it possible with existing function?

Thanks for reading my question!