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Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller - VLAN Tag

Hello all,

We use the Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller network adaptor (RTL8168) in our Engineering Station to connect the Engineering Station with our PROFINET-Network. In the PROFINET we use SIEMENS Scalance Switches and use VLAN-Tagging. We have mirrored a Switch-Port and sniffer with the Engineering Station and Wireshark. We see the Network Traffic correctly. But we want also see the VLAN-Tag with ID 0 and Priority 6 (PROFINET-Standard). When we connect the Mirror-Port with a Laptop with Intel Network Card, we see the VLAN-Tag correctly (adjusting registry settings before, MonitorModeEnabled = 1, MonitorMode = 1).

So the Realtek Card is the problem.

There is an advise in another topic here for Realtek network card, which say, that we have to adjust the registry:

MonitorModeEnabled - 1 MonitorMode - 1 *PriorityVLANTag - 0 SkDisableVlanStrip - 1

We have done it, we see now VLAN-Tags also with the Realtek, but no more network communication from this card is possible. It seems, there is only a mirror/monitor function available.

In the windows device manager is for the realtek card the property "priority and vlan" enabled. Also disabling brings no improvement.

Is there another way?

Thank you for your help.