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Decrypt TLS - TLS1.2 seen as TCP ?

Hello Guys,

I'm facing an issue with wireshark and the TLS decryption. I have an old trace (november) from a user and his SSLKEYLOFGILE. This trace is decrypted by wireshark.

Recently, I needed to do it again but this time wireshark doesn't decrypt the TLS stream.

Source of both traces is the same user (same browser and same URL).

In the new trace the TLS 1.2 is displayed as TCP (not sure if it's the issue) but at this point I'm unable to decrypt the traffic.

I upgraded to the latest version 3.4.2 (in case of) but still the same issue.

I absolutly need to read this file (problem occurs rarely and we doesn't know how to generate the issue) so I don't have much traces :/

Can you help me?

Thanks a lot

Herve Jacquemin