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Can I do a binary / Hex dump from wireshark ?

Hello Friends,

I loaded a .pcapng file and examined the packets of data. I am working on code that uses this data and so I want to write some test code to help with this task. One step I want to make is to simulate the raw binary data that I see in the wireshark. In the wireshark UK, I am talking about the third window which shows a binary dump of data in hex format. How can I copy this data? When I tried, it only copied a text ascii representation of what is shown in the wireshark window.

I installed a hex code editor plug-in into notepad++ so that I can edit hex data by hand. But that is time consuming as it editing any hex code by hand.

I hopened the .pcapng file in hex editior and maybe this is the way to go, but it seemed as if I was looking at something that required a learning curve.

Please advise.