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Formal Quality Assurance of Wireshark

Hello Folks,

I am using Wireshark in the software quality assurance process of a software product under development. One of the standards requirements in the development of the product is to use "certified" tools. Such tools are built following a software quality framework with appropriate evidence.

I am unable to find evidence that Wireshark has a formal QA system. Does it have something?

If it does not, researching in Google Scholar, it appears that evidence of QA within a FOSS environment is difficult to find or a QA process not explicitly followed. So Wireshark is typical of other products within the domain.

When people use Wireshark (or any other FOSS product perhaps) in the QA process of another product under development, how does one provide evidence in the tieback to the tool being developed using appropriate QA process and therefore suitable for use?

Thank you for your time.