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Client-side TLS Decryption not working

Dear Sir or Madam,

I setup Wireshark on my PC to decrypt some TLS (1.2) traffic in order to analyse what's going and incoming from a specific website.

To do so, I had to set a variable environment (SSLKEYLOGFILE), which seems to work great because the file is never empty even If I delete it. But when I set this file on Wireshark at the TLS pane to register the pre master keys file, nothing is decrypted at all.

First, I tought it was my security program (Kaspersky), which I uninstalled in order to get Wireshark working, nothing again. The second step was to try by using MITMproxy, file contain some keys but not any wanted decryption at all again.

Do you have any idea of what could prevent me to decrypt, and what could be the solutions ? PC : Windows 11 Wireshark : latest Security program : not anymore

If you have any question, I'm ready to reply

Thanks for reading