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Can't monitor smart plug activity on WS

Hi there,

I've bought a Konyks' Priska smart plug a while ago and I would like to understand how it works. The plug needs to be connected to the wifi using Konyks app for the set up. After that you can turn on and off the plug from anywhere so I assume it is user the internet... :)

When monitoring my home wifi with Wireshark, I can't see any activity sent to the plug even thought I use the app to turn it on and off (my phone is not conncted to the wifi, bluetooth is disabled). The plug is broadcasting ( a "status" to port 6666 every 5 second. It's all the data I can see when looking for the plug local IP or mac address.

When scanning the device with nmap, all port are closed except for the 6668 (irc).

Could someone give me some idea to continue my research? I'm curently clueless...