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geoip map displays as white screened tab in Chrome/Firefox

Running LInux 21.10 and Wireshark Version 3.4.8 (Git v3.4.8 packaged as 3.4.8-1~ubuntu21.04.0+wiresharkdevstable1)

Have configured Wireshark to use geoip databases and get good results in endpoint analysis and layer 3 in packet details.

But when I click on the map button under endpoint analysis I simply get a white screened tab in Chrome. Saving the map in html file and opening in firefox locks up the application.

Using developer mode in chrome there are a number of errors on the generated webpage. Failed to load files with leaflet and marketcluster in filenames. Looks like it fails to load everything that would be needed to present a map.

Anything I can do to fix?