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Why if I am connected via WiFi and send a packet to another device in the same WiFi, the dest MAC in link layer is not the AP's?

In IEEE 802.11 protocol, in the link frame, the second address is the sender mac address, and the first address is the receiver mac address, which is the AP address if the sender is a station, and the destination station if the sender is the AP.

So in my case, since I am sniffing the packets with Wireshark from my perspective, if I send ICMP for example, I should see my mac as the second address, and the AP mac as the first address.


enter image description here

The Src address is my machine. The Dst address is my phone, which is the device I was giving the ICMP packets to. The same thing in reverse in the response packet.

Also the link layer shows as "Ethernet", but I am connected via wifi, so it should appear IEEE 802.11, but I have seen here that wifi interfaces often present themselves as Ethernet interfaces, so they present Ethernet translated packets, to make it easy for the OS to manage them, or something like that...