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How To Switch Streams From Follow HTTP Stream Window

If I follow a TCP stream, I have option to select which stream number to follow within the Follow TCP Stream Window. However, if I attempt to follow a HTTP Stream, I do not have the same option. In my case the HTTP data is encrypted in the TCP Stream Window but not in the HTTP Stream window. I've already created a keylog to properly decrypt the HTTPS data I'm capturing.

I would love to be able to quickly switch HTTP streams within the HTTP Stream Window, similar to how the TCP stream window works. However, as it is, I must close the HTTP Stream Window, then switch streams in the main Wireshark Window, re-open the HTTP Stream Window, and etc. This is extremely cumbersome when working with large packet captures.

Does the feature exist where I can switch TCP/HTTP streams within the Follow HTTP Stream Window? This would be incredibly useful. Please advise if the feature does exist, and please consider this simple implementation if not.