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Monitor Beacon Frames on both 2.4G and 5G WiFi

I want to collect management frames from my mesh WiFi system to investigate some timing issues using Wireshark on Windows 10. (One router and two satellites: a total of six MAC addresses). Have a pair of Panda PAU09 dual band WiFi adapters that support monitor mode. Have a capture filter of: ether src (MAC1 or MAC2 or ... MAC6) on each adapter Checked Promiscuous Mode and Monitor Mode. When I start a capture, there are no packets.

I think that I need to: * set each of the adapters to the specific 2.4G and 5G channels used by my WiFi system (8 and 48 right now) Perhaps Wlanhelper can set the 2.4G adapter to channel 8, but how to I set the 5G adapter to channel 48?

I tried using Wlanhelper to set adapters to monitor mode and got error 5.

Is Wireshark on Windows 10 capable of doing this, or do I need to move to a Linux machine?