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Capture Setup for Home Network - Help! (beginner)

I have been reading about the various capture setups, and not being computer savvy I'm a little lost.

To give some background, I would like to monitor web traffic from computers, but mainly iphones on our home network. We have kids going through those ages, and I want to have some insight into what they're accessing on the internet. They are aware that I am monitoring web traffic. We had been monitoring through Open DNS, but that doesn't show the full url (for example YouTube is typically fine, but some content they access is totally inappropriate for their age).

We have what I would think is a typical home network setup. We have a modem from the ISP, which connects to a wireless router (Netgear Nighthawk), and all traffic that needs to be monitored goes through the wireless router. I do have a spare laptop I can run Wireshark on if need be.

What would be the recommended setup to capture all https traffic on home network? If I need to buy a hub or managed switch I can. But trying to make this as effective and simple as possible.