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[help] GL.iNet's "Slate" router is blocked by my maryland government subsidized cellphone

i got a slate router to interface with this tower's NIC via cat6(its 6 now days?) because thats all it has. the router interfaced fine, there are no problems getting to google unless i use my govt phone's hotspot. for those who dont know, it isnt a government phone but rather a paid-by-taxes cellphone that was contracted to some chinese company. the phone is a unimax brand.

anywho, what might signal to my cell phone this cool router is trying to connect?(e,excuse me, it connects fine but no outward addresses allowed) i tried changing the MAC of the router already.

again, if i just use the neighbors hotspot the system works.. its my phone's hotspot that will give internet to my linux laptop, raspberry pi,, but not that router.

thanks and any solution will get cross posted under the same username in gl.inet's fourms