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LUA: pinfo affected by NSTime ?


I finally narrow down the issue I'm facing with the pinfo...

my LUA protocol dissector is iterating multiple TLV with specific function analysis which might return some valuable information to be added to ""

There is one specific function though that once executed break the pinfo value:

function decode_tlv92(tlv_tree, buffer, offset, len)
  -- Event Timestamp
  local secs = buffer(offset,4):le_uint()
  local msecs = buffer(offset+4,4):le_uint()
  tlv_tree:add_le (f.secs, buffer(offset, 4))
  tlv_tree:add_le (f.msecs, buffer(offset+4, 4))
  local ti = tlv_tree:add(f.time, buffer(offset,8),, msecs))
  tlv_tree:append_text (", " .. string.sub(ti.text, 12))

if I prevent such decode_tlv92 execution (or I comment out the line containing then everything works fine.

If I let to run decode_tlv92 fully then pinfo can't be used anymore...

So my question for you is why NSTime affect pinfo and more important how I can prevent that.

Thx, A.