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802.15.4-2003 secure CCM decryption


I'm trying to decode a secure 802.15.4 packet. The packet is encrypted with AES-CCM-32 (802.15.4-2003). They key is an all zeros vector (0000....) Entered this key in the "decryption keys" window, with index 0 and "No hash". when receiving a secure packet, I get a "Expert Info (Warning/Undecoded): No encryption key set - can't decrypt" message The decoded frame counter, sequence number and the MIC are decoded correctly. It also seems that Wireshark does try to do some sort of decoding, as it displays the "Data" field with the correct size, but with a "garbaged" data (not the one that's in the packet). Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks, Isak.