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Reasonable amount of traffic?

I have disabled everything in windows network settings besides ipv4/ipv6. I use simplewall and block all services except I am a gamer and have a ton of games installed and allowed in simplewall, but no traffic is present / games are closed The only established connection in simplewall is kaspersky internet security [avp.exe] Yet, there's 413 packets in 60seconds of running wireshark.

If I allow more microsoft services [that I use], but would be idle, 1180 packets/min If I allow LLMNR / have windows network properties set to default - public >10k packets/min

Is there packets of concern? Some are color coded as black, some as red, I don't know the significance of the colors.

Majority of packets are DNS, DNS/TLS anyway to isolate what application is/why is it making so many DNS queries? With LLMNR etc, there seems to be much more garbage from firesticks/alexas in the house.