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Cannot set cellular modem to promiscuous *or* non-promiscuous mode

This question seems quite related to this other question: .

I have a windows laptop with a cellular modem card installed. I'd like to sniff traffic on the interface. However, tshark/wireshark cannot set the mode of the device.

If I choose to place the device into promiscuous mode, I get an error that the adapter cannot be placed into promiscuous mode. If I change the sniffer options to NOT place the device in promiscuous mode, I get an error that the device cannot be set non-promiscuous mode.

These errors occur even if Wireshark/tshark are run with administrative rights on Windows. I guess whatever happens under the hood to set +promisc/-promisc on the hardware, simply isn't supported by any modern cellular modems. Which is fine because the connections are point-to-point anyway...

I suspect that some combo of *shark or npcap needs updating such that, if the device cannot have its mode set, either the user is prompted to accept that they may lose packets, or simply that the device does not support configuration of the mode (and continue to allow packet capture, would be ideal).