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extcap capture filter input check

As an author of a extcap plugin I often get asked how to set a capture filter. Of course, there's Wireshark's own interface capture filter configuration dialog hidden in the main UI.

Unfortunately, when user go on capture, they have already opened my extcap plugin's configuration dialog because they need to select some things before an external capture can be started at all; that's due to the nature of the capture targets supported by my plugin.

  1. therefore, I would like to add a capture filter input to the configuration of my extcap plugin to help users. Is there any support beyond a plain "text" input when it comes to capture filters that does the syntax check like Wireshark's integrated UI does?

  2. the capture service to which my extcap plugin connects also features a browser-based UI and a one-click method to transfer the necessary capture parameters into Wireshark and the extcap plugin. Is there a capture filter syntax checker available for Javascript?