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What is the differences between USBPcap1 and USBPcap2?

I have 3 USB slots in my notebook, but in Wireshark I only have USBPcap1 and USBPCap2, and I don't have USBPCap3.

In fact, all 3 slots have USB devices plugged in, but only USBPCap2 has continuing packets traffic. Each time when I tried to capture packets for USBPCap1, I can only capture 25 packets and then the traffic stops growing.

I also tried to remove all USB devices from all 3 slots, and then the packets traffic of USBPCap2 will stop.

For the 3 slots (I called them A, B and C), no matter I plugged in A only (i.e. no USB devices at B and C), or plugged in B only, or plugged in C only, USBPCap2 would still have continuing packets traffic.

Why? What am I actually capturing for USBPcap1 and USBPCap2? Thanks.

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