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Check individual bits


I am trying to filter on specific bits in the data section, but I am unable to get the results I want. I have already looked at these links which heavily relates with what I want to accomplish.,whether%20the%20bit%20is%20set.

My filter atm: From there on I wanted filter the left most byte for its right most bit in the section. (want to see that the right most bit in the first byte is set. I dont care about the others--> 0000 0001 0000 0000)[0]&1 I then want to filter the three right most bits in the byte.[0]&1 and[0]&2 and[0]&3 I then do this ![0]&1 and ![0]&2 and ![0]&3 and rtp

The data it filtrates gives me a hex value in one of the packet of 0x000005f8702220 In binary the three right most bit in byte 0 is 111. I wanted them to be 000. What am I doing wrong?