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Manually configuring Service Port names on Windows?

According to the documentation:

"The personal configuration folder for Wireshark is the Wireshark sub-folder of that folder, i.e. %APPDATA%\Wireshark."

which resolves to: C:\Users\tallguy\AppData\Roaming\Wireshark

I created a file 'services' with the following content in that folder:

afs-fileserver      7000/udp     # AFS File Server
afs-callback        7001/udp     # AFS Cache manager

But it this has no affect on the Source Port or Destination Port columns. They are still displaying 7000 & 7001

NOTE: Explicitly specifiying names for 7000/udp and 7001/udp wasn't necessary with Wireshark on CENTOS/Gnome. Apparently these were already configured out of the box (these are AFS RX protocol ports)

So.... how would I either manually configure the names of these service ports OR have Wireshark on Windows pick up the defaults that are correctly being shipped with Wireshark on CENTOS/Gnome. - Thanks