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Problem capturing packets between smartphone (Android 11) and printer

So I figured out my problem capturing packets between my smartphone and the printer and seeing the IPP traffic on top of the 802.11 packets. My newer macbook had this issue with the networking card and monitoring mode, so i had to use an older macbook in order to be able to capture the packets in the wifi network including the IPP ones from the phone to the printer. However, while i am capturing this fine for smartphones that are running android 10, once i upgraded some other smartphones to android 11, i don't see the IPP traffic any more between the phone and the printer on the network. It works smoothly for all my android 10 phones, but for none of my android 11 phones. I am using the android default printing service for each case, the printer on the network is installed through the android default print service, no extra drivers or anything downloaded. The printer is seen by the smartphone fine, the files print fine, but the IPP packets are't captured for the android 11 devices. suggestions? solutions? thanks much in advance.