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problem getting traffic on wifi network between smartphone and printer on a Mac- monitor mode problem

I am trying to use Wireshark to capture traffic on a wifi between my smartphone and a wireless printer. It has worked fine (but with difficult) on an older MacBook Air I was using. However, when I install the latest Wireshark 3.4.3 on my new MacBook Air running Big Sur, the en0 set with promiscuous mode and monitor mode checked, I see nothing. unchecking the monitor mode shows my MacBook communicating with the wifi. checking monitor mode gives me no packets. if I manually airport -z and then airport a specific channel (or run wireless diagnostics and put the sniffer on that specific channel), I see the packets of the smartphone but that's it. nothing coming back to the smartphone from the printer. also the packets are all wifi, whereas in the past, I was able to see IPP and other type of packets. I am wondering what I am doing wrong. please help. thanks much in advance.