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Wireshark Setup for 802.11ax association requests

Dear all,

I want to capture the association requests sent from a device A when it connects over 802.11ax (Wifi 6) to a router B. From this I want to read out the (V)HT capabilities.

I used to have a Fritz!Box 7530 which has a built-in capture function, which allows to stream the caputerd packages to my hard disk as *.eth-file. I was able to analyze these files with Wireshark. Unfortunately this router does not support Wifi 6 - and a novel model does not support this special capture mode...

Is there a recommended router which allows to monitor the Wifi 6 traffic? If not, is there a recommended Wifi 6 router which allows port mirroring to an ethernet port? Additionally, is there a recommended computer (with Linux or MacOS) which allows "in any case" to capture the Wifi 6 traffic directly? It seems as if the success of my project depends on the available NIC drivers?

Kind regards and thank you!