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How can I get https to show in Wireshark?

I have been working on trying to download and successfully sniff https in Wireshark for quite some time now. I first just downloaded Wireshark on my MacBook Pro with IOS Sierra and it only showed 802.1.1 interactions and all the protocols are 802.1.1. Then I decided to switch to a virtual machine because I wanted to learn how to use a virtual machine anyways so I downloaded VirtualBox with Kali Linux which includes Wireshark. The protocols have different names and most of them are ICMP, ICGP and there are also some MDNS, SSDP, and UDP. However, Even if I use the internet while it is running, there are no http, Tcp or other protocols that should appear. I have no idea why, I am in promiscuos mode. The other thing to not that even though I want to sniff my wireless network, the only capture options with visible traffic are "eth0" and "any". Could someone please explain how to resolve this problem? Thanks for all of your guys's help.