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Statistics > UDP Multicast > Display Filter > Apply Broken?

This page is great, but I think it is partially broken (the wiki page for this function is a bit dated and does not reflect the current implementation).

Two issues:

1) Right-click a line > Apply as filter > Selected: Statistics window clears, main Wireshark display filter line is populated based on selection, PCAP is re-scanned and filtered results appear in the main window. I expected the results in the UDP Multicast Streams window to reflect the filtered packets, but they do not - the results are the same as before filtering. This may be intentional, but I think the page would be more useful if the statistics reflected the display filter.

2) Display filter > Apply: Enter a display filter on the Statistics page and select Apply. The statistics page "blinks" but does not clear and re-populate as above, nor is the main page display filter line populated with the entered filter expression, nor does the main page reflect the filter expression. I think this one is definitely a bug but am hoping to see feedback on #1 before reporting it.