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tshark rtp stream statistics prepends 0's to SSRC name

When i run the command tshark -r <filename.pcap> -q -z rtp,streams, it generates the RTP statistics. However what i noticed is that when the statistics is generated if the SSRC for the RTP stream has less than 8 characters, tshark seems to be appending zeros to make it 8 characters long. The RTP packet does not have these appened zeros. Is there anyway i can make -z rtp,sterams option not do this formatting ?

Sample out: 8.213188 10.676959 36098 2332 0x00CA990A RTPType-103 122 2 (1.6%) 40.23 0.00 0.00 X

In the actual packet 0x00CA990A is 0xca990a. I do realize the hex vales are same, but any chance i can make this not get updated ?

Thanks in advance and hope every one is safe :)