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Can't capture now, but could before. MacOS Catalina

I am a new Mac user (part of my problem :/ ) and I downloaded wireshark a month or so ago and I could capture packets no problem. Picked it back up again and now I can't capture. I had to update wireshark, and if I remember correctly, a pop up asked me about root permission or something. I clicked "NO" and I think this is my problem. I don't know what else could have changed.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled wireshark twice now, and apparently didn't install all the parts because I still can't capture packets. I've read the documentation, and it doesn't help me. What am I missing? How can I go back and give myself the ability to permission to capture packets again?
MacOS Catalina v10.15.7 Wireshark Version 3.2.7 (v3.2.7-0-gfb6522d84a3a)