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how do I see my command + why does wireshark not show certain connections?

I bought a TP Link tapo camera and want to use a FOSS (Free Open Source Software) program, ZoneMinder to control it.

I can do the streaming via ZoneMinder but the tilt/pan/zoom doesn't work. I decided that Wireshark is the ideal tool to see what is going on. The camera uses port 554 for both streaming and TPZ and there are naturally hundreds of packets to look through.

I decided to use port 555 which would be refused so that I could pick up a much smaller number of packets. The error message I pick up in the ZM log is:

2020-10-11 09:28:25 zmcontrol_2 933 ERR Error check failed: '500 Can't connect to (Connection refused)' for URL

When I used (i.e. the proper port of 554 instead of the bogus 555) I would get a reasonable error message

Error check failed: '405 Method Not Allowed' for URL

My intention in using Wireshark is to see the string "decoder_control.cgi?command=0&user=admin&pwd=" passed in a given packet. I don't have 60 points so I can't upload an image to show you what I see, but I do see the few packets with port 555, and nowhere inside any of those packets do I see the command which is being passed.

The second question I want to ask is why I can't see the traffic between my camera and the IP which controls the camera, not from inside Zone Minder but rather from the smart phone app. All I see when using the smart phone app is a couple of packets broadcasting the message - who is using No traffic on the streaming and no packets on TPZ. Why should I be blind to what is going on in my home LAN from a specific source?