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How can I use conversations in custom dissectors

I have a custom dissector written in C that dissects a simple client-server protocol. The protocol though has one quirk: If an operation is successful it sets ACK flag, if not the ACK bit is not set. However if the bit is not set it looks exactly like a packet a client might send to a server. My idea was to use conversations to track if a packet is a response to a query.

From reading the README.dissector documentation I came up with the following:


    guint* conv_frames;
    conversation_t* conv = find_conversation_pinfo(pinfo,0);

    if (conv == NULL){
        conversation_new(pinfo->num, &pinfo->src, 
                                      pinfo->srcport, pinfo->destport, 0);
    conv_frames = (guint*) conversation_get_proto_data(conv, proto_rnvs);
    if (conv_frames == NULL){
        conv_frames = (guint*) wmem_alloc(wmem_file_scope(), sizeof(guint));
        *conv_frames = 0;
        conversation_add_proto_data(conv, proto_rnvs, conv_frames);

    *conv_frames = *conv_frames + 1;


    if (*conv_frames % 2 == 0) {
        proto_item_append_text(ti, ", %s", val_to_str(flags, server_response, "Unknown (0x%02x)"));
        col_add_fstr(pinfo->cinfo, COL_INFO, "%s", val_to_str(flags, server_response, "Unknown (0x%02x)"));
        conversation_delete_proto_data(conv, proto_rnvs);
    } else {
        proto_item_append_text(ti, ", %s", val_to_str(flags, client_ops, "Unknown (0x%02x)"));
        col_add_fstr(pinfo->cinfo, COL_INFO, "%s", val_to_str(flags, client_ops, "Unknown (0x%02x)"));


This seems to work when I run it in Tshark but in Wireshark as soon as I enter a filter it fails and misinterprets the packets. I suspect that this code only works on the first dissection run and then has some 'leftover' state. But i dont understand the conversation feature enough to tell what I am missing here. Can anobody help me out here?