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Decoding a TZSP stream

In the past, I used packet the sniffer on a Mikrotik Router and I was able to see on Wireshark the packets as sent by the devices connected on the Router. The sniffer sends a TZSP packet stream and the Wireshark was able to decode this stream and show the packets in the same way they transit in the router.

Recently (I have the latest FW of the RouterOS and the latest Wireshark), Wireshark shows the traffic sent by the router to my PC as TZSP packets with the Router IP address as souce IP and PC IP address as destination IP.

It looks like as Wireshark is not able to decode this traffic. It only shows the TZSP packets as are send by the router.

The same happens both streaming the TZSP than saving a file on the router and then opening this with wireshark.

I followed all the instructions provided here:

I suppose there could be some option to enable the stream decoding.

Is there a way to fix this issue?