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How to read USB captures

I'm sure there is a tutorial or something out there to teach me, but for the life of me - I cannot find anything that I can understand. I'm trying to figure out how to read, interpret, and replicate communication with a "USB HID" device. For reference purposes, y'all are welcome to view my capture file, but I'm not asking for a gimme - I want to learn how to understand and interpret this on my own. Keep the lingo fairly simple please, however, because I have 0 experience in packets - network or USB. I'm really good with technology, but this is just escaping me.

Just for a reference on my skill level: I run Arch Linux on my laptop, I know several languages including C#, Python, and the standard web trio (the PHP one). I have 3 RPis, each one in a different project - soldered in. However, C++, Pascal, and ASM are mystery alien languages and if you ask me why the PNP/NPN transistor does what it does in the circuit I couldn't even begin to answer you - only that without it the circuit wouldn't work. I can tell you what to use UDP for vs TCP, but don't ask me why or how they work. I'll let y'all figure out where that puts me in this context.