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Incorrect Data while Decrypting Application data using psk cipher in wireshark

I am using python library(sslpsk) to achieve the secure communication (https) between server and client for PSK ciphersuites in TLSV1.2
with the initial code added using this library, i've started to test the changes using host address - with port - 4443 for ciphersuite PSK-AES128-GCM-SHA256.

since the cipher uses PSK - key is available in advance and configured in sever and client scripts.
When i execute the scripts, Data exchange happens between server and client Ping Pong Surprsingly when i try to decrypt the application data in wireshark - Data is not decrypted correctly.

I have added PSK key by clicking in Application data --> Application Data Protocol -->Protocol preferences --> Pre-Shared Key .

Instead when i try to decrypt Application data, I can able to see data ping - 06 06 e2 d6 and for pong - 76 cc 07 ab.
I expect the application data after decrypt would be ping – 70 69 6e 67, pong – 70 6f 6e 67.