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TCP/TLS Dropped packets, I don't know where to look for the issue?

About a month ago my site to site VPN (only on one side) stop working but only for certain requests. I have two Ubiquity Edgemax routers setup with an IPSEC site to site. Site A works and can do all request from site B. Site B fails with the same requests, but not all. I did a wire shark session and see an error "TCP Previous segment not captured" . It is very consistent. For example when I do a request for the router GUI from site B to site A, it fails. When I do a request from site A to site B route GUI, it works fine. I am not an expert on the TCP and TLS protocols. The software has not changed in over 2 years, the only change to the network was earlier this spring I had my ISP fix my DSL line to site B. It worked great for 3 months. I can do stuff from site B to site A, for example I can get and hold a remote desktop session for hours with an issue. I just need some help in interrupting the wireshark runs and where to look for the issue? Is it possible to upload the .pcapng output?