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How to add a plugin to wireshark without the source code ?

Hi all,

I've created a C based dissector to run it on Wireshark version 1.10.14. I am working on CentOS and I compiled my packet-XXX.c with gcc to get a .so in order to use it as the other plugins. However, I have experienced issues : the first one was a version problem when I opened wireshark : "The plugin has no version symbol". I've added 'G_MODULE_EXPORT gchar version[] = "1.0.0"; ' to my plugin. It worked.

Then I had this error : 'the plugin has neitehr a register routine, a register_tap_listener or a register_wtap_module or a register_codec_module routine'.

I don't know how to solve the problem.

What are the steps to add a .so plugin to wireshark without usingWireshark's source code ?

Thanks for your answers