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Add an protocol into VOIP Call

Good Morning,

I'm looking for a way to add some packets on the VOIP call window,

I have a physical IP phone and a virtual phone, the virtual phone is located in a PBX, this virtual phone sends voice and informations with WebSocket to the computer of the user.

when I start a call from the computer to a physical phone it looks like : computer -> PBX -> physical phone

between the computer and the PBX the protocol is WebSocket and between the PBX and the physical phone it's using H.323

but when I make a trace of this call, in the VOIP call window, I only see : PBX->physical phone the part computer -> PBX is missing

I would like to add the part missing from the websocket into the voip call window with H.323 packet so that I can have the websocket and h323 protocol in the call schema when we click on stream sequence.

Somebody have an idea ? can I make a plugin or change the source code of wireshark ?

thank you